Which Studded Slides Are Right For Me?

Are you in the market for a new pair of studded slides, but don’t know where to start? Here are three common reasons people choose slide sandals and the studded slide that fits your needs.


Do You Have...Sensitive Toes?
Slides are the perfect sandal alternative for people who can’t quite get used to the sensation of something between their toes. The skin between our toes tends to be sensitive, just like the skin between our fingers. It’s soft and flexible to promote movement, and simply isn’t used to touching other materials. We get it, let your toes fly free!

You Should Try...The DUNLIN
The DUNLIN sandal is a studded slide with absolutely no toe rings or straps. Instead, the vegetable-tanned leather upper does all the work of keeping the sandal on for a secure fit. Still concerned about foot sensitivity? This slide’s upper is lined with buttery soft leather that prevents irritation and provides all-day comfort and is decorated with hand-pounded gold studs to outline and highlight the unique u-shaped upper. In addition, our signature molded arch support gives the sandal some much-needed arch support while the leather softens after only hours of wear.


Do You Need...Easy On and Off?
While strappy sandals are cute, sometimes you want something you step in and go. Slide sandals don’t use straps but rather rely on the upper to hold the foot in place. Simply slide your foot in and out in a matter of seconds to get out the door or take a well-earned load off when you get home.

You Should Try...The LOVEBIRD STUD
The LOVEBIRD STUD is a studded sandal designed for easy off-and-on wear. With just one leather upper, this sandal doesn’t have any straps or ties that need to be secured before wear. Instead, getting ready is as simple as slipping the sandal on. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, this studded sandal features our signature molded arch to account for all-day wear. Available in tan or black, the LOVEBIRD STUD will age beautifully as a unique patina pattern forms across the vegetable-tanned leather’s surface. Finally, this slide sandal is decorated with beautiful gold-colored hand-pounded studs for a bit of extra flair.


Do You Need...Extra Security?
You love the simplicity of a slide sandal, but you’ve slipped out of your shoes more than you’d like to admit. What you really need is a slide sandal with extra security that won’t irritate your sensitive skin. One alternative is choosing a slide sandal that also features a toe ring. The important difference here is that the toe ring is meant to add extra security, not provide the main source of contact. Like training wheels, a toe ring on a slide is just insurance that the sandal won’t fall off. Additionally, adding a toe ring keeps the sandal a slide, and still allows for quick wear and removal.

You Should Try...The FINCH STUD
A modification of the beek sandal that started it all, the FINCH STUD combines the easy wear of a slide sandal with the security of a toe ring sandal. This studded sandal uses an asymmetrical upper that does the heavy lifting of keeping the sandal secured to your foot, while an almost unnoticeable buttery soft toe ring gives you some extra security. We’ve added gold-colored studs to the upper to draw the eye and lined the piece to prevent stud and foot contact. Like all of our sandals, this studded slide has a molded arch to increase wear time and will quickly conform to the shape of your foot. As a spin-off of our most popular toe ring sandal, the FINCH STUD is a tried and true studded slide and beek favorite.


Whichever your preference, beek has a studded slide to fit your needs and style.