How to Clean and Care for Leather Shoes, Sandals & Boots

A frequently asked question we hear a lot is how to clean and care for leather shoes sandals & boots:

We put A LOT of thought and effort into making our leather the best in the market... naturally vegetable tanned leathers with no toxins, metals or anything that you (and we) would never want next to your skin.

It is also incredibly durable and gets only better with age IF you treat it with the respect it deserves. Think about all of the dirt oil, water, and in the winter… salt (the worst!!).

Also, if you live in a very dry, hot area, your leather will need more attention. If you clean and condition the leather on your beek shoes or sandals, they will be your friends for a very long time.

Vegetable tanned leather is incredibly durable, eco-friendly and gets better with age, if you take care of it properly. Here is how to make sure you get the most out of your leather shoes and sandals:

How to Clean and Care for Leather Shoes, Sandals, and Boots

Follow these three simple steps to repair daily wear and tear and remove stains like grease, oil, or ink.

  1. The first step is to clean the leather. Simply wipe the surface with a very diluted mix of water and natural dish soap and allow it to dry. At this stage, it’s better to be gentle and repeat the process after drying if needed. Aggressive cleaning may remove any unwanted residue, but it could damage the surface of the leather.
  2. Apply a thin coat of natural conditioner with a soft cloth, rubbing it into the leather and wipe off excess with a clean cloth. This hydrates the leather, making it stronger and more durable. Many conditioners also offer a layer of protection against future contaminants. The leather will darken initially but will go back to its original color when dry. Note that leather conditioner cannot be used on metallic leather or suede. Suede should be cleaned using a spray cleaner and brush.
  3. Repeat if necessary. If the leather was really dry, you may need to repeat this process. This not only conditions the leather, but it also keeps it soft... as it was meant to be. Leather is a lot like our skin; it needs frequent hydration to look its best. For a perfect leather shine, try conditioning your leather 24 hours before your next outing.

Products You Need to Condition Your Leather Shoes

Put together your own leather care kit to keep your beek shoes or sandals supple and flexible. Here are our must haves for leather care and preservation.

Natural Leather Conditioner

We love BEESBUTTER all natural leather conditioner. This conditioner works to hydrate and repair your leather for years of continued wear. As an added bonus, BEESBUTTER is made of a combination of beeswax and naturally-occurring lipids and oils, making it safe for leather and your skin.


Leather Cleaning Spray

While a diluted mix of water and dish soap can get the job done, opting for a leather specific cleaning spray can give your beek shoes or sandals some extra protection. We recommend Aged Leather Pros’ LEATHER CLEANING SPRAY for its cleaning power and non-toxic properties. As a pH balanced cleaner, this spray can tackle dirt and other surface contaminants while preserving the leather’s quality.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

For a perfect leather finish, we recommend using a MICROFIBER CLOTH to clean, condition, and polish your beek shoes or sandals. The soft texture of a microfiber cloth prevents causing any scuffs or scratches on the leather while also working to buff out existing flaws. After you’ve allowed your leather conditioner to hydrate your beek shoes or sandals, finish off the routine with a quick polish with a microfiber cloth for a magazine worthy finish.


Follow these step by step instructions on how to clean your leather shoes or sandals, and don’t be afraid to love your shoes. With the right care and treatment, they’ll love you too for years to come.
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