Not sure if you should size up or down for our sandals? We sell all of our sandals in whole sizes (5-11, and often 12 also!). Our sandals are all handmade so we do extensive fit trials when they arrive into our warehouse. Please make note of our suggestion to size up or down in the details section of each style (especially if you are a "half-size"). All of our sandals are fully lined so there will not be much stretching, although the leather will soften a bit. Check out our sizing chart below.

Our closed-toe shoes come in half and whole sizes and should fit true-to-size. Again, our shoes are handmade so there are often inconsistencies between styles so please make note of our suggestion to stay true, size up, or size down in the details section of each style. We use the softest leather we can find so there will be a bit of stretch and give. So if the shoes are fitting “snug," then that is perfect.

We are always here to help also! You can email us directly with any sizing or fit questions at

How Should beek Sandals Fit?

Sandals with Molded Arch Support

All beek footwear has molded arch support that not only gives you comfort but also adds a unique design to the side and bottom of the shoe. On our all-leather sandals, within hours of wear, the sole of our shoes will start loosening up and custom forming to your feet, but the arch will stay fixed. For our memory foam/ molded footbed sandals there is no "breaking in" -- they will support your foot from first fit.

Our Snug Fit Will Soften Over Time

Especially with any high quality leather shoes, the leather might fit snug at first so don’t be afraid if you have to pull them on. The shoes will soften with wear and mold to your feet for a custom fit just for you. Read our guide on how to stretch leather sandals.

Condition Your Leather For Long Lasting Wear

Our vegetable-tanned leather will age beautifully with a gorgeous patina that only comes with high-quality leather. Remember to condition them regularly! See our guide on leather conditioning for help.

beek Shoes & Sandals Size Chart and Fit Info

We’ve made every effort to size our sandals to a whole size model (meaning: size 6, size 7, size 8, size 9, size 10). If you are a "half size" footed person we recommend looking in the details section of the style where we suggest, by style, whether to size up or down. Our closed-toe footwear comes in half sizes, so you should fit to your true size. Our leather is VERY soft (of course), so there will be a bit of stretch to it and they will mold to your feet. So if the shoes are fitting snug, then that is the perfect fit.

In order to choose the perfect pair, just measure the length of your feet! To measure the length, you can put your feet on a piece of paper and draw a line at the front of and back of your foot (the longest point in the front and at the back). The length can vary between 1 and 2mm.

beek sandal size chart

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