How to Break in Leather Sandals & Shoes

Leather sandals are not just our go-to closet staples, they’re also high quality and very durable. When it comes to shoes and sandals with a leather outsole, a short breaking-in period may be required. This is expected, though, because leather is a natural fiber. The leather will break in naturally with wear, especially across the ball of the foot since this is where your foot flexes most. But don’t fret! If you’re excited to start wearing your new sandals, follow our tips for how to break yours in sooner. You’ll be taking them out on the town in no time!

Please note, our leather sandals with a rubber outsole don’t require a breaking-in period. Only our sandals with a leather outsole will break in over time.

5 Tips to Break in New Leather Shoes & Sandals

1. Wear them around the house

If you are wondering how to stretch leather sandals, one of the esiest ways is to wear them around the house. If your sandals or shoes are brand new, they may feel a little stiff. While you’re at home, you can wear them for short periods at a time, then remove them when you want a different shoe. Some great times to wear your sandals are while you’re cleaning, doing chores, or just lounging. The longer you wear them, the more flexible the leather will become. Eventually, after a couple of days of wearing them, they’ll start to feel more comfortable. 

2. Soften the leather

You can also employ helpful products to help break in your sandals, such as a leather conditioner. Leather conditioners are wax-like products that breathe new life into your shoes and are safe to use on natural leather (always read your shoe’s care instructions to confirm). To use, just take a soft cloth with some conditioner on it, and gently wipe across your leather sandal. Let your shoes sit, and over time the leather will absorb the conditioner. This will hopefully make your sandals a little softer.

If your shoes still aren’t as soft as you’d like, you can also apply heat to the leather. Start by using a blow dryer and blow air onto the leather, which allows it to become warm and supple. Once the leather is warm, use a soft cloth to massage your sandal, stretching it out and making it more flexible.

3. Add a soft layer

During your breaking-in period, you can also add some soft layers between your foot and the new leather material. Just reach for your favorite pair of socks! You may have to use a specific type of sock if your sandal has a toe ring, but most daily socks should work. Then just wear your socks with your sandals (it helps if you’re at home). The sock will create a barrier between the sandals and your feet.

If your feet are prone to blisters or you have sensitive skin, you can also apply a band-aid to the areas that are producing the most friction. This is a temporary solution, however, while you break in your sandals. Eventually, the footbeds and sandal exterior will stretch and mold to your foot, and will become some of your comfiest shoes in no time!

4. Wear them outside

You can always take your new sandals out for a test run outside! This is a great idea if your city is experiencing warm weather, as the heat from the ground can work to relax the leather. Plus, you’ll be walking and flexing the leather while you’re outside, so the breaking-in period may accelerate during this time.

5. Remember that perfection takes time

Ideally, you’ll want to wear your leather sandals at least a couple of times. This is when you’ll begin to notice the breaking-in process. If your sandals are a little stiff right out of the box, don’t worry! With a bit of patience and the right techniques, it can be done! Just take it slow and don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works better for your feet and level of comfort. The more you wear your sandals, the more flexible they become!

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