Benefits of Buying Molded Footbed Sandals

4 Benefits of Buying Molded Footbed Sandals

One of the great benefits of sneakers is that they provide a padded footbed you can walk in all day long. But what if you can find that exact same support from a pair of sandals? Enter the Beek Molded Footbed Sandals. These shoes are specially designed to mold to your feet over time, so they’re not just stylish – they’re also ultra comfortable! Below, we discuss four benefits of buying molded footbed sandals.

What are footbed sandals?

There’s two types of footbeds: flat and molded. A  flat footbed doesn’t offer the benefits of shoes molded to your feet. In fact, a flat footbed doesn’t typically have arch support, lays flat on the ground, and offers a similar experience as walking barefoot. A molded footbed has layers of inner construction that provides more cushion and support for your feet. In the long run, molded footbed sandals are more comfortable and better for your feet.

1. Molded footbeds are comfortable

One of the main benefits of sandals with a footbed is comfort. With a molded footbed, the soles of your feet can sit comfortably on your shoes. Over time, your feet won’t get as tired as if you were walking on shoes without support. This is especially important if you’re on your feet a lot, or if you like to wear sandals on long walks, days at the park, or nights out with friends.

2. You get arch support

The highest part of your sole is called an arch, and the arch height can differ from person to person. When you wear sandals with a footbed, the memory foam interior will begin to mold to your feet. When completely broken in, your sandals become a pillowy bottom for your feet. The highest part of your foot can get the support it needs when you wear shoes molded to your feet.

3. They’re shock absorbent

Since the soles of a molded footbed sandal aren’t rigid, they don’t cause stress on your foot when you step on the ground. Inside a footbed are layers of shock-absorbent material, which help protect your feet. The long term benefits are that your joints won’t be working as hard, which helps prevent foot inflammation and promotes general comfort.

4. Your foot feels secure

With a molded footbed, your foot won’t slip around as much as with a flat footbed. This comes especially handy on hot summer days when our feet can get wet from the pool, or a little sweaty from the heat. With a cushioned footbed, your feet may even sink a little into the shoe, cradling it and ensuring a snug for comfortable fit.

Next time you’re shopping for sandals, keep these points in mind! Over time, you’ll see the benefits of shoes molded to your feet. You’ll be able to walk for longer with less strain on your feet. At Beek, we offer a wide selection of stylish and comfortable sandals with a footbed. Shop now.