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A mission for comfort and beauty:

Our mission was (and still is) simple: we wanted to create footwear that is both beautiful AND comfortable. Footwear you can live-in, and love-in, and gets better with age.

Designed in California and hand-made in Mexico and Brazil, all beek footwear is crafted with time and care (each pair takes over 48 hours to make) using only the softest vegetable-tanned leather we can find.

Add in a molded arch for extra comfort and you have what we think are the most timeless, feminine, luxurious and comfortable shoes in the market.

Perfect for traveling the world, or just your day.

And we have another important mission: to help end childhood hunger in the United States: since our brand launched in 2015, we’ve focused our efforts, time and money on helping to feed at-risk children in the United States.

For every pair of beek shoes sold, we donate the equivalent of five meals, for a child in need, through the Childhood Hunger Strategy with the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Birgit and Kenna signature
Birgit and Kenna signature_
Image of Birgit & Kenna

Our Founders

Birgit & Kenna

We’ve been friends for over fifteen years and business partners since 2015. We met back in 2002 while both working for Quiksilver, a surf lifestyle company, Birgit as the global head of design for Roxy footwear and Kenna as the head of marketing.

Birgit’s been designing footwear for over 26 years for brands like Esprit de Corp, Kenneth Cole, Sam Edelman, Reef and Roxy. And Kenna is more of the marketing/business bird. She spent fourteen years at Quiksilver, where she held executive positions in both marketing and sales.

But it wasn’t in a meeting where we became friends. We’d meet up at the company restaurant and it was our common love of sarcasm, a good turkey sandwich, “HAVE'A" chips, and a slightly unnatural addiction to iced tea that bonded us. And we’ve been friends ever since.

Under 800 Image of Birgit & Kenna

a passion for shoes

Our Story

We were catching up over a glass of wine and what started as a casual conversation about sandals ended up with a rant about how we couldn’t find good leather footwear anywhere that was beautiful AND feminine AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT comfortable.

We wanted leather footwear that was crafted with care instantly comfortable so we could travel around the world (or just our day!) and still look feminine and stylish.


We had our first product in market in March of 2015 and the response has been amazing. We’ve had a lot of laughs (Kenna’s laugh can be heard for miles), some late night tears (ok, and a couple during the daylight hours also), and a lot of “we can do this right?” moments . . . . and we are even closer friends now, and still get excited over seeing our friends and customers in our shoes.

Image of Our Story
Image of Our Story

comfort meets beauty

Our Product

Call us crazy but we believe that it ACTUALLY IS possible
to look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. . . and even crazier we think that high quality products (and life, for that matter) get BETTER with age.

We simply couldn’t find beautiful, feminine footwear that was actually comfortable.

So we decided to do it ourselves. Here’s what we wanted (and wrote on the back of a napkin):

high quality leather (so it ages well)
arch support (so we age well)
feminine sole shape (so we feel pretty)
hand-made (so it’s perfectly imperfect . . . like us)
timeless (so we invest in quality over quantity)
a give back program (so we can make a difference)

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A beek sandal with some qualities 1. Super soft 100% leather upper 2. Slim feminine sole shape 3. all leather vegatable tanned sole 4. molded arch support 5. signature beek branding nail heads A beek sandal with some qualities 1. Super soft 100% leather upper 2. Slim feminine sole shape 3. all leather vegatable tanned sole 4. molded arch support 5. signature beek branding nail heads_

feeding children

Our Cause

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 15.9 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. So we are hoping to change this. Since brand inception we’ve worked with the Second Harvest Food Bank and their kids cafe program to donate one day’s worth of meals to a child in need, for every pair of shoes that we sell.

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Image of Our Cause
Image of Our Cause