Macrame Love

Entering Mariella Motilla’s atelier in Leon, Mexico is like walking into an enchanted garden filled with giant tropical plants, trees, and large sculptures created by her father. She comes from a very accomplished family—both parents started in architecture and became sculptors and painters with a massive studio on the property.

Mariella Motilla with a hand loom

Her brother Omar does carpentry and designs furniture in the building next to her dad’s studio, and her brother Alonso is a jewelry designer. Luckily for us, Mariella’s passion is macrame and textile weaving.

Mariela weaving in Mexico

Mariella Motilla weaving on a hand loom

As everything seems to be on a large-scale there—including the buildings which are a beautiful mix of stonework and glass—Mariella and the artists that work with her weave large-scale wall hangings and macrame chandeliers that hang in high-end hotels and restaurants throughout Mexico and the U.S.

Mamu woven slide sandals in black

Many of the dyes that she uses are from plants and natural minerals, and the threads are often recycled, sourced from used and discarded clothing. We are so honored that Mariella agreed to work with us and created the most beautiful designs for our sandals.
Thank you, Mariella! 

Mamu woven slide sandals in rose/honey

Mamu woven slide sandals in rose/honey

Woman wearing Mamu woven slide sandals in rose/honey