Five Toe Ring Sandals and When to Wear Them

Love toe ring sandals but not exactly sure when to wear them? Not to worry, we have a full gambit of toe ring sandals ready for every occasion. Here are five times to wear toe ring sandals as well as the beek sandal we recommend. 


Everyday Wear

The FINCH is the beek sandal that started it all, making it the perfect everyday sandal. The FINCH toe ring sandal can take you from running errands to playdates to a casual coffee date. With an asymmetrical strap to hold your foot in place, this toe ring sandal is made for all-day comfort. The soft toe ring adds an extra point of security while being made of incredibly soft leather to prevent any irritation. Our signature molded leather arch allows for hours of wear and supports the delicate structure of your foot. Available in tan, honey, and black, the FINCH toe ring sandal can match whatever your wardrobe or the day has to offer. 


Date Night

Date night is coming up and you’re looking for a fun and flirty look that shows off your gorgeous legs. The HERON toe ring sandal is made for pairing with a summer dress or your vintage romper. The sandal uses beautiful vegetable-tanned leather ties to secure the sandal while also drawing the eye and the butter-soft toe ring is almost unnoticeable. Dance the night away at your local bar or music festival with the knowledge that all eyes are on you. 


Summer to Fall

Fall is approaching, but you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. The KOKAKO leather slide sandal is a great transitional sandal that will take you from warm sunny days to cool brisk nights. With a design reminiscent of the old-world style, the KOKAKO features leather uppers with hand-knotted detailing and a soft toe ring to keep your foot in place. Our molded arch will give your foot the support it needs as the seasons progress and will last for years to come. This toe ring sandal pairs beautifully with denim; both your summer cutoffs and your hardier fall blue jeans. 


Already Out the Door

In need of a low effort but stylish sandal? The TOUCAN leather slide is your new slip-on and go sandal. Whether you’re running late and need an easy-on but stylish sandal or need to throw something on for a last-minute grocery run, the TOUCAN’s simple but classic design remains a solid choice. This sandal’s upper is lined in buttery leather that increases comfort and prevents unpleasant chafing. Finally, without any complicated straps or ties to hold you up, the sandal’s leather toe ring gives you extra security without forsaking simplicity. 


Toe ring sandals aren’t just limited to a day at the beach. Sandals can be dressed up or down to suit a variety of occasions. With beek’s full collection, every occasion is an excuse to break out the perfect toe ring sandal.