The Pros of Leather Sandals

If you’ve spent some time researching sandals, you’ve probably heard about the popularity of leather sandals. Casual wearers and collectors alike have been praising the shoes for their high quality and longevity, especially when stacked against sandals made of other materials. But do they really live up to the hype? Here are the pros of investing in a pair of leather sandals.


Leather Sandals Are High Quality

Leather sandals can be expensive. They’re designed with quality materials that will last and their cost reflects that. As a result, many consumers are scared away by the more expensive price tag. What you have to understand about leather sandals is that you aren’t buying a shoe for a single season or year, you’re buying a product that will hold up long after your initial purchase. 

While the upfront cost of leather sandals will appear to be more than say a pair made of synthetic materials, overall buying a pair of leather sandals will save you money in the long run because the other sandals will have to be replaced more often. These costs stack up over time and eventually, you will have paid more for cheaper shoes than high-quality leather sandals.


Leather Sandals Are Durable

Unlike many other materials, leather is naturally durable and long-lasting. Think back to what leather was used for before mass production. Leather was the material of choice for any good that needed to stand up to frequent use and exposure to the elements. Leather saddles, boots, bags, and even straps became the norm for anyone looking to rough it. The same is true for leather sandals. While they don’t have the same rough and ready reputation, leather sandals have the same inherent durability.

Leather’s strength can be attributed to the tanning process that prevents it from breaking down with use. Leather sandals last longer than sandals made of synthetic materials and remain wearable for years after purchase. Additionally, leather can be treated and conditioned from home, without requiring the help of a specialist. Regular conditioning sessions keep the leather flexible and less likely to be damaged.


Leather Sandals Are Versatile

Leather sandals are an extremely versatile fashion piece. In this day and age, we have to be ready to face a number of engagements throughout the day, often with very different dress codes. This means stocking our closets with appropriate attire which can become expensive and limit closet space. One solution is to try and choose versatile pieces that can work for a variety of events.

Leather sandals are an excellent addition to your wardrobe because they can be dressed down or up as needed. One pair of leather sandals can be appropriate for errands, work, or a wedding depending on what you wear them with. By purchasing a pair of leather sandals, you’ve just turned three pairs of shoes into one, saving you money and closet space.


Leather Sandals Are Eco-Friendly

With the rise of cheap synthetic materials like plastic, natural materials like leather have become more expensive. Pleather is a common leather alternative that gives the same look as leather, without the added expense. Unfortunately, the popularity of plastic substitutes also means that our landfills are full of goods that won’t naturally decompose over time. When someone’s pleather jacket rips, it will simply sit on a pile of other plastic goods without breaking down.

Leather sandals are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sandals. While leather is treated to stand up against decomposition, at its heart it's still a natural material. The tanning process makes the leather more durable, but it does not make it immune to natural decay. Additionally, leather only stays durable when it is being treated and taken care of. When leather sandals are no longer being maintained and left alone, they will naturally break down and return to the earth.


Leather Sandals Will Mold to Your Feet

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of leather versus synthetic materials, but did you know that leather sandals will mold to the shape of your feet? Synthetic materials don’t have the same natural elasticity as leather, and will continue to hold their factory shape after continued use. While this is beneficial for some products, sandals and shoes are not one of them. Leather sandals adjust to the shape of your foot every time you wear them, making the sandals truly custom to you and your foot.

Regardless of your exact reason for purchasing, your new leather sandals will quickly become one of your most worn pieces. Treat yourself to a high-quality product and a world of outfit possibilities.