beek's must-have summer sandals and shoes for 2021

With spring quickly passing by, we’ve all started putting together our summer wardrobes. Many spring clothing options easily translate to summer, but what about your shoes? BEEK’s must-have summer shoes provide a list of all the best sandals of summer 2021 in one convenient location.

beek’s Must-Have Summer sandals :

Each named for a species of bird, beek’s summer collection is an assortment of cute and comfortable sandals that are absolute must-have summer shoes.


Woman wearing Barbet slide sandals in honey
The first of our must-have summer sandals is the BARBET. Available in honey, the beauty of the BARBET comes from its artistic simplicity. This slide sandal features a hand-woven upper made with platinum leather strips that gives the shoe a unique handmade appearance. The all-leather sole is made of the highest quality leather so it will soften up within hours of wear. Like all beek sandals, the BARBET utilizes vegetable-tanned leather and a molded leather arch for a summer shoe that combines fashion and comfort. 


Group product shot of Blackbird slide sandals in platinum, tan, black

The BLACKBIRD slide sandal is another sandal on our must-have summer shoes list. Praised for its intricate and feminine style, the BLACKBIRD uses leather knots in its construction for a visually interesting design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Our vegetable-tanned leather ensures that your feet will be wrapped in soft leather that becomes more comfortable the longer you wear it. The BLACKBIRD is available in black, tan, and honey/platinum color palettes to give your summer shoe wardrobe options and versatility.


Woman wearing Dunlin slide sandals in honey

Bringing classic simplicity into our must-have summer shoes lineup is the DUNLIN slide sandal. The basic design of the DUNLIN is elevated by gold-colored studs that decorate the outside of the sandal’s upper. These studs are hand-pounded into the leather in order to create a unique appearance even when compared to other sandals of the same make. The vegetable-tanned leather will only become more comfortable as it ages and will develop a beautiful patina pattern that will make the piece even more unique. The DUNLIN is available in black and honey and will make a solid addition to your 2021 summer shoe collection.


Woman wearing Finch toe ring sandals in tan

As the sandal that started it all, the FINCH has more than earned its place on our must-have summer shoes list. The FINCH leather slide sandal features a bold asymmetrical strap to draw the eye and a toe ring for added security and femininity. Our vegetable-tanned leather prioritizes comfort and prevents irritation on delicate areas of the foot for all-day wear. The commercial success of the FINCH has resulted in a much wider color palette than its sister shoes which gives you more ways to style yourself. The FINCH truly is a must-have summer shoe.


Woman wearing Heron ankle tie sandals in platinum

For fans of strappy summer shoes, the HERON toe ring sandal utilizes adjustable ankle ties for a breezy feminine look. Available in black and honey/platinum, the HERON ankle ties secure the sandal to your foot while a soft leather toe ring gives you an extra level of wear security. As an added texture, the instep strap of the sandal is decorated with leather knots that attract the eye. Of course, the HERON also features beek’s signature vegetable-tanned leather and molded arch for ultimate comfort. The HERON is a fun and flirty sandal and a must-have summer shoe.


Woman wearing Parakeet woven slide sandals in flamingo

Looking for a summer shoe with a pop of color? The PARAKEET is a hand-woven slide sandal that utilizes agave raffia for a colorful upper. Hand-embroidered with cotton yarn, the agave raffia is available in flamingo or white with a honey leather base. To increase comfort, the sandal’s upper is lined with vegetable-tanned leather for improved softness on your skin. Like all beek products, the PARAKEET becomes softer and more comfortable with long-term wear making it another must-have summer shoe.


Woman wearing Raven ankle wrap sandals in black

To finish beek’s must-have summer shoes, the RAVEN ankle wrap leather sandal provides a chic and comfortable alternative to traditional evening wear. The RAVEN’s adjustable hand-woven ankle wrap keeps the sandal secure as you go about town without restricting your movement. With a front strap that distributes pressure throughout the sandal, the RAVEN also features metallic hardware that complements all skin tones. With the choice of black or tan, the RAVEN provides a nighttime option for your summer shoe collection.