Best slide sandals for summer

Everyone has a sandal preference. Some refuse to wear anything that goes between their toes, while others insist on strappy buckles. For those who prefer an easy on and off experience, summer slide sandals are the optimal choice. Simply step into the sandal and head out the door. But what are the best summer slide sandals?


Woman wearing Barbet slide sandals in honey

The BARBET is a basic summer slide sandal that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Like all beek sandals, the BARBET boasts a handmade sole made of vegetable-tanned leather that gets softer the longer you wear it. The simplicity of this sandal’s design helps it pair with anything, while its hand-woven upper gives the slide sandal a rustic charm. Available in honey/platinum, the BARBET is one of the best summer slide sandals on the market this season.


Group. product shot of Blackbird slide sandals in platinum, tan, black

A more feminine option for summer slide sandals is the BLACKBIRD. Decorated with intricate leather knotting, the BLACKBIRD uses an upper and instep strap to hold the sandal to your foot for a beautiful and functional design. As always, the BLACKBIRD features vegetable-tanned leather and a molded leather arch to increase foot comfort and support. This summer slide sandal is available in a number of colors to match any occasion.


Woman wearing Dunlin slide sandals in honey

The DUNLIN summer slide sandal is the epitome of classic simplicity. The DUNLIN’s basic silhouette is elevated by the addition of hand-pounded studs across the upper of the sandal. The studs’ gold coloring brings an element of class to a timeless design. Made of vegetable-tanned leather, the DUNLIN will develop a natural patina pattern as the sandal ages. The combination of the hand-pounded studs and the unique leather patterning guarantees your pair of summer slide sandals will always be one of a kind.


Woman wearing Finch toe ring sandals in black/tan

The FINCH leather slide sandal is the signature shoe beek was founded on. Available in a myriad of colors, the FINCH uses a combination of an asymmetrical strap and toe ring to secure the sandal to your foot. This sandal is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather and utilizes a hand-molded arch to surround your foot with comfort and support.


Woman wearing Kiwi slide sandals in honey

Like its namesake, the KIWI slide sandal utilizes a simple design with a quirky twist. Held together by a soft lining leather, the instep of the KIWI is made of four individual straps decorated with deco-stitch waxed cotton thread detail. Whether you choose honey or black, this detailing pops in hot pink or contrasting oatmeal. An additional strap across your toes helps keep the sandal in place so you can stay on the move. For added comfort, this summer slide sandal features a molded arch as well as an incredibly soft sole.


Woman wearing Parakeet woven slide sandals in flamingo

If you want to add color to your summer slide sandals, the PARAKEET is the shoe for you. This unique sandal features an upper decorated with agave rafia and hand-embroidered with cotton yarn. Available in flamingo or platinum, the embroidery complements the honey brown leather of the sandal for an eye-catching design. The PARAKEET’s upper is lined with vegetable-tanned leather for maximum comfort and becomes softer the longer it is in use. As far as summer slide sandals go, the PARAKEET is guaranteed to make a statement.


Woman wearing Toucan toe ring sandals in platinum

For fans of the classics, the TOUCAN summer slide sandal is an absolute must. The TOUCAN combines an asymmetrical upper with a toe ring for a sandal that is easy to slip on without sacrificing security. Available in black, tan, and honey/platinum, the TOUCAN is made with 100% vegetable-tanned leather designed to age beautifully for years of wear. Our handmade leather soles and extra soft sandal lining prioritize your comfort so you can stay on your feet all day.

Whether you prefer multiple straps or toe rings, flashy or simple design, slide sandals have the options you need. With a variety of colors and styles, adding beek’s summer slide sandals to your wardrobe is a guaranteed way to make your summer one to remember.