Step into Fall with These Five Leather Slides

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your sandals. The days are still warm and perfect sandal weather. But if you’re looking for a good transitional sandal (like gladiator sandals) to take you from hot sunny days to brisk cool nights, then leather slides are the shoe for you. Here are five of our favorite leather slides that will help you make the transition to sweater weather.


Glide into fall with the PELICAN SHEARLING. This sandal features a luxurious leather-wrapped memory foam molded footbed that promises both arch contouring and plush cushioning for your soles. Fashioned in 100% genuine shearling, it's the epitome of comfort meeting luxury. Slide into the PELICAN SHEARLING in either a sophisticated bronze/black or a classic natural/honey, and pair it effortlessly with sundresses or your favorite fall attire. With beek's commitment to longevity, trust these sandals to age gracefully, like a fine wine.



The GALLITO is our ode to comfort. As beek’s pioneering molded footbed sandal, its success echoed the desire for unparalleled comfort among our customers. That’s why we took this beloved classic and gave it an upgrade for fall. With a shearling lining, the GALLITO SHEARLING is ready to keep you cozy and warm, even as you keep rocking a leather sandal. While your foot is being cradled in our signature molded footbed, the sandal’s leather upper will be lined in super soft shearling for maximum comfort. Of course no beek sandal would be complete without vegetable-tanned leather, primed to mold to your foot and provide years of wear. Like wearing slippers outside the house, the GALLITO SHEARLING is its own guilty little pleasure.



Can’t get enough of our molded footbed? Step into the elegant ORIOLE. Its leather-wrapped memory foam molded footbed ensures both arch and overall foot support. The wide-criss cross upper, made of soft, supple leather, is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the touch. With choices in beach and black colors, this platform slide sandal is both a statement and a staple. And with the molded footbed feature, you're guaranteed unparalleled comfort.


The WEEBILL leather slide sandal is a perfect transition piece as we glide from the warm embrace of summer into the crisp air of fall. Skillfully handcrafted with the highest quality, softest, and most pliable leather available, the WEEBILL is poised to become a staple in your autumn wardrobe. The broad strap upper, lining, and sole are all made from 100% leather, ensuring that each pair will mold to your feet for a personalized fit within hours of wear, adapting to every stride amidst the falling leaves.

Available in versatile shades of black and cognac, the WEEBILL leather slide sandal is an ode to the harmonious blend of comfort, sustainability, and timeless style that beek is famous for. As the leaves change color and the scenery shifts, slipping into a pair of WEEBILL sandals keeps you grounded, comfy, and elegantly stylish. And of course, no beek sandal would be complete without a molded arch to support the delicate structure of your foot.


The PUFFBIRD is more than just a sandal, it's a cloud for your feet. It offers padding at every touch point: both the insole and upper are leather-wrapped around a thick memory foam cushion, and even the side of the sole gives some extra plush. The comfort it offers is a welcome rarity in the sandal game, making every step feel like you're walking on a fluffy puff of air.

While its cushy construction offers a snug embrace to your feet, the platform design also gives a subtle lift, making it a stylish companion to various outfits — be it a casual day out or a serene evening stroll as the leaves begin to fall. Available in soft shades of eggshell, beach, and the classic black, the PUFFBIRD’s palette is inspired by nature's gentle transitions.

Our signature molded arch provides all-day support that keeps you on your feet in style, while the rubber bottom offers grip and traction on wet surfaces. Perfect for a day by the pool or a walk after a cleansing rain, the PUFFBIRD’s versatility makes them a must-have for your closet, regardless of the season.


Shopping at beek isn't just about buying footwear; it's about investing in meticulously crafted pieces that stand the test of time. With a commitment to using only the finest materials, beek ensures that each sandal not only looks stunning but also offers unmatched durability. Embodying a blend of classic craftsmanship and modern design, beek sandals empower women to showcase their unique style with poise and grace. Shop the fall collection at beek this season for a variety of fall shoes (including shearling) and fall sandals, where quality materials meet elegant designs, and each step you take is a stride in style!