Step into Fall with These Five Leather Slides

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your sandals. The days are still warm and perfect sandal weather. But if you’re looking for a good transitional sandal to take you from hot sunny days to brisk cool nights, then leather slides are the shoe for you. Here are five of our favorite leather slides that will help you make the transition to sweater weather.



The beek sandal that started it all, the FINCH leather slide is a tried and true product that will carry you from summer to fall with grace and dignity. Designed with an asymmetrical strap, this leather slide holds your foot in place with beautiful vegetable-tanned leather. As a point of extra security, an extremely soft toe ring works to keep the sandal on without creating irritation and discomfort. For additional decoration, tiny hand-pounded nails surround the insole and add some detailing to the sandal’s modern shape. The FINCH is a true chameleon, ready to be paired with sundresses and shorts, or denim and sweaters.



As our very first molded footbed sandal, the success of the GALLITO showed us just how important comfort is to our customers. That’s why we took this beloved classic and gave it an upgrade for fall. With a shearling lining, the GALLITO SHEARLING is ready to keep you cozy and warm, even as you keep rocking a leather sandal. While your foot is being cradled in our signature molded footbed, the sandal’s leather upper will be lined in super soft shearling for maximum comfort. Of course no beek sandal would be complete without vegetable-tanned leather, primed to mold to your foot and provide years of wear. Like wearing slippers outside the house, the GALLITO SHEARLING is its own guilty little pleasure.



Can’t get enough of our molded footbed? Not to worry, the full coverage style KEA is here to provide you with more wear options, with leather for summer and suede for fall. The KEA’s memory foam footbed starts to adjust to the shape of your foot with just hours of wear, providing you with long-term support and comfort. Looking for leather? The KEA’s vegetable-tanned leather upper criss cross pattern both holds your foot in place while drawing the eye with its interesting design. Sweet on suede? Both the sole and upper of the sandal are covered in soft and supple suede for a pleasant and seasonally appropriate fit.



The MOCKINGBIRD leather slide is a tribute to the classic soccer slide with beek’s signature leather style. A simple leather upper holds the sandal in place and the minimalist design makes it a great choice when you don’t have time to fiddle with straps. Made with vegetable-tanned leather, this leather slide starts conforming to your feet from the moment you slip them on, loosening within just hours of wear. Of course, no beek sandal would be complete without a molded arch to support the delicate structure of your foot. As an added bonus, the MOCKINGBIRD is part of our Bird Collection, meaning the bottom of the sandal is rubber to prevent slips and falls. 



Another member of our Bird Collection, the PALILA leather slide is ready to transition you from summer to fall. Two leather straps cross over the top of your foot, creating an eye-drawing effect and a method to secure your foot in the sandal, while the undersides are lined with buttery soft leather for reduced irritation and increased comfort. Our signature molded arch provides all-day support that keeps you on your feet in style, while the rubber bottom offers grip and traction on wet surfaces. Perfect for a day by the pool or a walk after a cleansing rain, the PALILA’s versatility makes it a must-have for your closet, regardless of the season.



If you’re looking for a strappier number to transition you from summer to fall, the BLACKBIRD leather slide is the sandal for you. This sandal uses intricate leather ties that secure the sandal’s straps in place by knotting them to the sole. A bit of a misnomer, the BLACKBIRD is available in tan, black, or a honey and platinum combination that lets you choose the perfect color scheme to fit in with your wardrobe. As always, this leather slide’s straps are lined with soft vegetable-tanned leather that keeps its beautiful design from rubbing against your skin. The BLACKBIRD is able to provide hours of wear and support with our signature molded arch and leather that instantly begins to shape itself to your foot.



One of our more unique designs, the BARBET leather slide is the perfect summer send-off. This slide’s upper is hand-woven with platinum leather strips and a knotted cord to truly highlight the handmade aspect of the sandal. The stunning combination of rich tan leather and platinum detailing creates a contrast that draws the eye and invites compliments. Additionally, the sandal is as functional as it is beautiful with a molded leather arch to support the foot and a buttery soft leather lining and insole that conforms to your foot within hours of wear. As a finishing touch, tiny nail heads surround the insole for a truly, one-of-a-kind leather slide.