What is a Block Heel?

Oh the struggle to balance beauty and femininity and everyday wearability. Although some shoe styles can be a bold statement, they often force us to sacrifice our comfort in order to wear them (looking at you, heels). However, not all heels are made equally — and that’s the case with our newest beek heels.

Sooo . . . what is a block heel and why is it so much better (ok, matter of opinion, but it is just so much better!) than a stiletto? Let’s talk.

So, what is a Block Heel?

We’d like to welcome you to the comfort revolution in heels, where style is not compromised but comfort is in full effect. You can have it all!

A block heel is easily distinguishable from its slender stiletto or solid wedge sisters by its wide, usually square base. Its unique design adds a more modern look, and has the added benefit of distributing weight more evenly to allow for greater stability and comfort throughout the day (ahhhhhhh…. ) We challenge you, try on a block heel and then try on a stiletto and you will immediately feel the difference.

Comfort and Stability of Block Heel Sandals

At beek, we wanted to design a pair of heels that feel as good as they look. That look good with jeans and a tee, a flowy feminine dress, and a cute pair of shorts. Check, check, check. Block heel sandals offer an unparalleled blend of comfort and style, making them the ideal choice for anyone who dreads the thought of slipping into a pair of heels (like we do!). The broad base of block heels provides a solid foundation, reducing the strain on your feet and allowing you to walk with confidence and ease. Whether you're navigating the cobblestone streets of a warm travel destination or dancing the night away at a destination wedding, block heel sandals will keep you cute and comfortable all day and night.

beek's New Collection of Block Heel Sandals

At beek, we believe in creating footwear that you'll fall in love with, not just for its looks but for how it makes you feel. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our new collection of heels: the beautiful Sapphire block heel sandals and the elegant Emerald block heel sandals, both available in our black and honey colors. These are heels designed for the real world — because your day demands more than just sitting pretty. Crafted with soft, supple leather and a leather-stacked block heel (which means that the entire heel is made of leather . . . i.e. more cushion), these sandals promise to lift your style without sacrificing any comfort. Or, as we transition seasons, you can also consider refreshing your look with our latest clog collection, perfect for spring and summer fun.

How to Style Block Heel Sandals

The versatility of block heel sandals makes them a must-have in any wardrobe. Perfect for any occasion, from casual brunches to formal events, these sandals can effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits. The Sapphire block heels pair perfectly with cropped trousers and a blazer for an effortlessly sophisticated work look — or, slip on the Emerald heels with a sundress for a weekend outing.

The possibilities are endless, and the comfort is non-negotiable. Looking for more options? Elevate your summer style with our guide to the gentle cleaner and conditioner regularly. Clean the leather with a soft, damp cloth or specialized brush and use a high-quality leather conditioner to keep the material supple. Proper care ensures your sandals will continue to complement your wardrobe and support your adventures for seasons to come.

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We can’t wait to redefine your relationship with heels with our new Sapphire and Emerald block heels. Say goodbye to the days of choosing between style and comfort. With these heels, you can have it all.