Stylish ways to wear boots in the summer

As we progress towards summer, many have started shifting from their winter wardrobe in exchange for loose and breathable summer wear. For a lot of people, this means putting away their boots for the next two seasons and greatly reducing their outfit combinations. To avoid this, try these stylish ways to wear boots in the summer.

Woman wearing Eaglet leather boots in black


If you’re looking for a light alternative to heavy winter boots, short-shaft booties are an excellent way to continue wearing boots well into summer. Just look at our EAGLET style and tell us we’re wrong. The reduced size of the bootie allows you to combine looks that feature your legs such as shorts, rompers, or sundresses. For more formal occasions, a good bootie can dress up a casual pair of jeans for date night or a day at the office. In terms of wearing boots during the summer, a classic short-shaft ankle bootie offers the most versatility.

Combat Boots

You don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to your heavy-duty boots if you have combat boots in your shoe rotation. Combat boots tend to fit a more niche style that works for artistic or urban events. Concerts are a great venue for combat boots as the style is appropriate and provides support and protection for your feet in a crowd. For those who lean towards the punk or grunge style, combat boots make an excellent staple and can completely alter an otherwise mainstream outfit. Combat boots aren’t for everyone, but for black and leather lovers, combat boots are a wearable summer style.

Cowboy Boots

Summer is the perfect time to bring in some country flair. Cowboy boots are a great choice for attending a local county fair or other outdoor activities. You have the added flexibility of pairing the boots with dressed or jean shorts. For a summer boot with a lot of wear mileage, cowboy boots are the way to go.

Hiking Boots

Summer is made for going outside. For comfort and support, hiking boots are your best choice in summer boots. Hiking boots are specifically designed for the wear and tear associated with hiking and other activities. Campers can confidently trek through the woods by day and keep their feet warm at night as they settle in around the campfire. As an added bonus, hiking boots can pull together an otherwise rough and ready outfit. For the more adventurous types, you should skip the athletic sneakers and go straight for hiking boots.

Open Toe Boots

A more elegant option for wearing boots in the summer is the sophisticatedopen-toe boots. Open toe boots are a refreshing alternative to the formal heel that provides more visual interest without sacrificing stability. By combining the silhouette of a boot with the open toe, open toe boots work in a myriad of situations. They can be dressed down or up for professional, formal, or leisure activities. Additionally, the breathability of the boot makes it a perfect choice for a summer boot.

Don’t limit your wardrobe. Who says boots can’t be a year-round fashion staple?