How to Choose the Perfect Winter Sandals

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe; however, one trend that's gaining traction is winter sandals. But what makes a sandal good for winter? And is that even allowed? And how do you find that perfect balance of comfy, beautiful and feminine, while also making sure you’re staying warm at the same time? We're here to guide you in choosing the perfect pair of winter sandals — with our expert advice, you'll discover how sandals in winter are not only possible, but can also be stylish and comfortable to boot. Oh, and quite warm too!

Benefits of Winter Sandals

Winter sandals offer several advantages, including breathability, ease of wear, and versatility. Unlike traditional winter footwear that may feel clunky or overly insulated, winter sandals provide a lighter, more adaptable option. They allow your feet to breathe while offering the convenience of easy slip-on access, making them a perfect choice for indoor gatherings or quick outdoor errands. You may wake up to chilly mornings but then the day warms up a bit later, these will be perfect for both!

Is it acceptable to Wear Sandals in Winter?

Yes yes yes! The idea of winter sandals may seem counterintuitive at first (after all, we’ve all been taught to think of sandals for spring and summer!), but they can indeed be a fashionable and practical choice for the colder months. So in spite of the common misconceptions, yes, you can wear sandals in winter! Today's winter sandals are designed with the season in mind, featuring materials and construction that can stand up to cooler temperatures, featuring the deep fall colors of your traditional closed-toe styles and all without sacrificing style.

beek Winter Sandals for Women

When considering winter sandals, it's essential to focus on designs that blend warmth, comfort, and fashion. beek offers an exquisite collection tailored for the season:

Timeless Slides
  • The Gallito slide's leather-wrapped memory foam and molded footbed offers unparalleled comfort and arch support, making it an ideal choice for winter walks on cooler days. Pair this sleek design with wide leg jeans or a chunky knit dress for a look that's both cozy and stylish. It's perfect for indoor gatherings or quick strolls.
  • With its rich leather and a variety of colors, our Pelican sandal provides a snug fit and plenty of options — perfect for those seeking a blend of style and practicality in colder seasons. Match the warm tones of the Pelican with a pair of fitted jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and a long, open-front wool jacket for a casual yet put-together winter outfit.
  • The Weebill slide offers a comfortable, pliable fit and a durable outsole, ideal for winter's unpredictability. The Weebill pairs great with flared jeans and a belted wool coat, offering a nod to retro style while keeping you warm and comfortable.
  • The Albatross combines elegance, comfort and sophisticated colorways, making it a versatile choice for winter styling. Style them with thick leggings and an oversized sweater dress for an effortless look that will keep you snug and fashionable.
  • The soft leather and memory foam sole of our Baza sandal provides the ultimate comfort, perfect for indoor warmth or quick outdoor errands. Combine the Baza with a pair of warm leggings and a chunky cable-knit sweater for a relaxed yet chic ensemble ideal for cooler days.
Full Coverage Styles

For those seeking more coverage, these styles provide an extra layer of warmth without compromising on elegance or comfort.

  • The Starfisher offers more coverage with its unique woven upper, suitable for those looking for extra coverage without sacrificing style. The Starfisher goes perfectly with straight jeans and chunky sweater, layered under a cashmere coat for a sophisticated, winter-ready look.
  • The Attila’s design gives more coverage for a more versatile fall look.. Try pairing them with a long wool sweater dress or cropped wool slacks. A fun way to funk up any Fall outfit.
  • Offering both warmth and style, the Kea can be your next winter wardrobe staple, perfect for those chilly evenings. The Kea's suede-lined upper and sole hug your feet in warmth, and its rich color pairs beautifully with dark denim and a fun blazer, perfect for evening events in winter.

Clogs are a fantastic option for winter, offering full foot coverage and a stylish silhouette that pairs well with various outfits.

  • Our Peacock clog combines comfort with a bold lift, ready to add a dash of sophistication to your winter wardrobe. This beautiful clog can be styled with thick, ribbed socks and a fun pair of flare jeans— finishing the look with a statement coat for an eye-catching winter outfit.

Styling Tips for Winter Sandals

Incorporating winter sandals into your outfits can be simple and fun. Pair them with thick socks or tights for added warmth; for a casual look, match them with jeans and a cozy sweater; and for more formal occasions, they can complement a long skirt and a tailored coat. These combos are a great way to showcase your versatility across different vibes and settings. And lets not even get into how perfect they are for hosting at home! A suede slide is the ultimate footwear for serving up wine and fun for your friends!

Care and Maintenance

To ensure your winter sandals last, proper care and maintenance are key. Regular cleaning, appropriate storage, and protection from harsh winter elements will keep your sandals in top condition. Check out our blog post on how to wear mules, the best clog styles, and open-toed shoes in winter to complement your winter sandals, and visit Winter Collection to find the perfect pair for the season.