beek co-founders Birgit and Kenna

a letter from our co-founder, kenna

I woke up this morning (like so many of you) stuck in my home. I put on my most comfortable pants, sweatshirt and my beek seagulls. And yes, I brushed my teeth, too. It was at that moment that I realized I was really CRAVING “comfort.”

But then I did something that I couldn’t explain: I put on mascara. I haven’t worn make-up in days and for some reason, I felt a need to put it on and make myself feel pretty and for things to feel “normal.” It wasn’t something that I wanted — it was something that I NEEDED.

I wanted to feel some faith and some sense of direction and for some reason, applying mascara helped with that. Then I called Birgit on FaceTime. We laughed when we saw each other because she had done the same thing. We started talking about how this is why we started beek. We knew what we wanted and NEEDED — and still do. We, like many of you, want to feel comfortable AND beautiful at the same time. We wanted a shoe that is instantly comfortable, ages beautifully, crafted with care, and has a molded arch so we can comfortably travel our day and still look feminine and stylish. And for five years we have been creating just that.

And now, more than ever, we are craving comfort. It seems as if nothing is comfortable right now: we’re worried about the world, ourselves, our children, our parents and so much more. We’re personally worried about the business that we’ve built and the people who rely on our business for their families.

We wish we could promise that all will be comfortable soon.
But we CAN say that we have hope, we are resilient, and as a nod to our signature branding...we are tough as “copper” nails! And because of this, we will do our part and act as comfort- crusaders.

We know that comfort, just like shoes, comes in all shapes and sizes. And we are proud that beeks are both comfortable and beautiful. And take this as a PSA from your slippers...they need some time off.

You can also take COMFORT in knowing that our business helps to feed children. And right now, that is the priority. There are families that don’t have the money to go “stock up” on supplies and food. They live paycheck to paycheck and now those paychecks aren’t coming in. We need to fight for them as much as for our own families because they are our community and we are all in this together.

Birgit and I hope that you’ll join us in this FIGHT against hunger and help everyone to get through this time healthy and safe.

Want to donate? We’ll make it easy. Donate here to Second Harvest Food Bank if you live with us here in Orange County. And here is a link to Feeding America, which supplies food banks across the nation.

So for now, our doors remain open at and on social media @beekbytwobirds, where we hope you'll drop us a line and stay connected. We encourage you to stay safe, stay well and get comfortable. We are all in this together!


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