Noddy Slide Sandal





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This little bird comes straight from the most beautiful macramé art studio in León, Mexico. The uppers, made from recycled cotton that is dyed with flowers, fruits and vegetables, are woven by hand on old-world looms. We are in utter awe of the craftsmanship that comes from these ladies weaving especially for us! We take these beautiful traditional bands and line them with soft vegetable-tanned leather for comfort and softness against the skin. The NODDY’s handmade leather soles, with a molded arch for added comfort, quickly custom form to your feet and loosen up within hours of wear. The vegetable-tanned leather will age beautifully and the metal nail heads on the inner footbed give the final signature touch to all beek products.  

For our “half size” friends, we recommend sizing up. If you need any help you can always contact us at: 

Materials + Construction

* Hand-woven cotton macramé bands, vegetable-tanned leather lined for durability and comfort
* Soft, supple, vegetable-tanned leather soles
* Super comfortable molded leather arch
* Our signature two metal studs at inside of sole
* Tiny hand-pounded nail heads around insole
* Rubber heel pad for grip
* Our rectangle leather instep pad can be added for narrow feet

As is the case with all nice leather, we recommend wiping clean with a damp cloth and conditioning the product 2-3 times a year (we sell conditioner now on our site!) These sandals are made to last - so treat them with love!   

High quality leather outsoles (the bottom of the shoes) can be naturally slippery at first. Go ahead and scuff them up and you are good to go!