Jaeger Suede Sneaker



Hurry, only 4 left in stock!

Our sneakers are here - our high-top JAEGER! We’ve been asked about a GAZILLION times (yes, that is a REAL number in our book) to use our buttery soft suede in a sneaker with, of course, our signature arch support. And, besides all that, what makes this one different? We took it a “step” further and gave it a self-suede foxing all around the sole. It truly is a luxurious suede sneaker that will make all you sneaker-heads swoon. 

If you need any help with with sizing or fit, you can always contact us at: help@thebeeknest.com.

Materials + Construction

* Soft suede upper and leather lining
* Leather insole with molded arch
* Suede wrapped foxing with rubber outsole
* Our signature two rose gold metal studs at inside of sole
* Soft heel cup (which means no stiffness in the heel)

This shoe should fit snug at first so don't be afraid if you have to really pull it on. That's the beauty of it! The leather will soften with wear and mold to your feet. And as is the case with all nice leather, we recommend wiping clean and conditioning the product 2-3 times a year. These shoes are made to last - so treat them with love!