Leather waterproofing spray

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We scoured the market for the best leather conditioning products we could find and finally stumbled upon our new friends at Aged Leather Pros. This premier leather waterproofing spray is formulated to protect against the toughest stains and other contaminants while allowing your fine leather goods to breathe and live a long life! Other waterproofers contain silicone which suffocates your leather and shortens its life. Aged Leather Pros Waterproofer is ALL-NATURAL, allowing your fine leather goods to breathe and look their best!

  • Deeply cleans and restores even the most neglected leather
  • Heals existing scuffs and scratches 
  • Leaves no chemical odor 
  • Contains absolutely no harmful silicones, petroleums, solvents for your skin and made with all-natural and plant-based ingredients. Safe and non-toxic with no dyes, perfumes, petroleum, or adulterants.
  • Handmade in the USA. Odorless. Colorless. Water-based. Biodegradable. Non-aerosol.
  • Pet-friendly (non-toxic) 
  • Add years of life to your leather-goods by waterproofing ALL your suede, nubuck, felt, fabric, or genuine leather gear, including your footwear, hats, coats, tack, jackets, gloves, furniture, luggage, car upholstery, boat seats, saddles, and more!