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DOVE Black/Natural
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The DOVE is is one of our favorites for 2018 - and the top choice of our editor friends at Elle, Conde Nast Traveller, Town & Country, and W magazines. The woven and embroidered bands are crafted the “old world” way with hand looms down in Chiapas Mexico by the most lovely women’s collective. We are in utter awe of the craftsmanship that comes from these ladies weaving especially for us. We take these beautiful traditional bands and line them with a soft vegetable-tanned leather for comfort and softness against the skin. The upper strap hugs your foot to keep it in place, and the toe ring has been worn in and softened to go almost unnoticed between the big and second toe. The DOVE has our signature molded arch that not only gives you comfort and support but also adds a unique design to the side and bottom of the shoe. All of our all-leather, handmade sandals quickly custom form to your feet and loosen up within hours. The vegetable-tanned leather will age beautifully with a gorgeous patina and the metal nail heads on the inner footbed give the final signature touch to all beek products.

The band on the DOVE is fit to an “average” arch and foot width; if you have an extremely high arch then this style may be a challenge for you. If you have a narrow foot and see some “gapping” with the band, this can be solved with a wool “sticky” pad placed under the inside upper. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help:

materials + construction

hand-woven cotton bands, leather lined for durability and comfort

soft, supple vegetable-tanned leather

super comfortable molded leather arch

“toe-spring” for added foot support*

our signature two metal studs at inside of sole

tiny hand-pounded nail heads around insole

rubber heel pad for grip

*All all-leather beek sandals have a “rise” in the front (the leather curves up) called a ‘toe spring’. We add this to the design of the shoe to support your toes for comfort (just like an arch support). If you are not used to a toe-spring then it may feel ‘awkward’ at first but it is super important for comfort in the long-run. The height will quickly settle to your individual foot’s needs.


As is the case with all nice leather, we recommend wiping clean with a damp cloth and conditioning the product 2-3 times a year. These sandals are made to last - so treat them with love!