oh how we love this little bird! the finch was a style in our very first collection (waaaaay back in 2015- ha! . . . yes, we know we are not that old yet). BUT it has been the darling of each season, with its beautiful simplicity and ease.

it’s the perfect sandal for cruising out the door last minute, dashing off to a summer bonfire, or sliding on for a beach wedding. it dresses up, and it dresses down. we can’t get enough of it, and we know you can’t either seeing that we know many women who own them in every color. :-)

we have nine colors for spring. two of our favorites are the mineral die and the hand tooling.

we’ve partnered with our friend Niki from “lookout & wonderland” to tie-dye the new ‘mineral’ finch. she is an incredible authentic indigo dyer (you may remember her from last spring where we debuted her indigo collection) up in los angeles and she used iron to create this beautiful grey color for our little finch. we freaked out when we saw it! she’s amazing.

we also commissioned a hand-tooling group down in mexico to carve out beautiful engravings into the leather and then hand-paint them for a fun festive look. the epitome of ‘hand made”!

hope you love them as much as we do!! xx b&k