Thank you to everyone who joined us for an amazing day of giving-back at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Saturday September 30th. What an AWESOME day. You know, sometimes you go into something thinking “this is the right thing to do so I’ll do it” or “I want to teach my children to give back to their community so I’ll make time for it” . . . and then you get SURPRISED. You come out of it and you realize that you were affected. Like, really affected. In a good way, AND a hard way. You feel lucky that you do have food on your table and your children aren’t going hungry at night. And your heart hurts knowing that some are. And then you start getting dirty. You dig in.

The Second Harvest Food bank feeds over 250,000 adults and children every month in Orange County. Their facility houses tons of food at a time and distributes all over the area to families in need. When we say it’s impressive, that might be an understatement. It’s amazing.

They spent the first hour of our day educating us (and the children) on what they do and how they do it. And WHY they do it. Then we got to work.

The young kids packed hygiene materials into bags (toothpaste, soap etc.) with a vengeance. They were so excited to be ‘giving kids soap.” We kept it fun but also worked hard. No slacking for these little guys!

The older kids (5 years and up) and adults spent about an hour and a half packing up squash. It doesn’t sound very fun but it was! Doing something physical to help other people is super satisfying, and it makes you feel like you are really doing something that will make a difference. We were expecting to enjoy our day, but were pleasantly surprised to have LOVED our day.

Thank you to the team at the Second Harvest Food bank who helped make this such an awesome and impactful experience. And thank you to all of our friends and their kids for lending their time and a helping hand!