We are soooo ready for spring! Our collection of hand-made, all-leather sandals (with our signature molded arch for support!) is our favorite since launch. This season we are all about COLOR. But not just any color... HAPPY color. How can you not have a good day when you’re wearing a fuchsia colored sandal with pops of silver? Or bright orange mixed with a rich beautiful tan?  or aqua... or rose... or gold! We could go on and on, we think it’s like walking on happiness.

And to make it even more fun, we’ve partnered with our dear friend Marisa from m.lande to gift you a free AMAZING leather pouch with any online purchase during the month of February. Yay!

We have EIGHT new styles this spring, and (don’t worry) we are continuing on with three classics in new colors... the Finch (you can breathe a sigh of relief now), the Lark and the Swallow. The Finch, our classic toe-ring slide, now comes in eight colors, and we are keeping the classic black and tan in the Lark, and adding a fun multi to our huarache, the Swallow. HOW FUN IS THAT??

And we are super excited about our NEW styles.

The Gull is an update to our classic Robin slide: one for the more urban look with a slick all-black, and one for the beach party with a bright fuscia sole mixed with silver and natural.

The Oriole is our sexiest new style with a ‘barely there’ look. A simple wrap around the ankle and a toe-ring to finish it off, you will be surprised at how comfortable this sandal fits on the foot. The Canary is part of our new “soft tube” leather group and its as soft as butter. You simply slide it on and tie it in the back and you are off and out the door. The Cockatoo is a classic ‘soccer slide’ with a modern metal ring sitting on top. It's chic and classic. And we have two new ‘stud’ styles. The Lorikeet and Woodpecker have hand-pounded studs that give these classic styles a little funk.

And we CAN’T WAIT to show you our new woven styles, the Dove and Toucan. The bands are completely woven by hand by a women’s collective in Chiapas Mexico. They use traditional weaving techniques on a hand-loom and their creations are pieces of art. We’ve backed them with super soft leather so they sit comfortably on your feet. We made a press trip out to New York in January and the Dove was the land-slide favorite across the board. From Vanity Fair to Vogue to Town and Country- they all were dying over the hand-woven look paired with leather. And everyone was swooning over the femininity of the Toucan, a beautiful ‘espadrille-inspired’ style.

And let’s not forget the bird collection! Our new group of rubber outsole (the bottom of the shoe) sandals has been a big hit for beach and pool time and summer boating. Both simple styles, the Mockingbird and Seabird are a little lighter on the wallet and an easy go-to for your casual spring/summer days.

And to top it all off, our soles have become EVEN MORE flexible and moldable to your feet (we will even take them back if they aren’t!), AND the arch still makes for the most comfortable all-leather sandal in the market. Yes, beauty CAN be comfortable. Let’s celebrate!

We hope you love the collection; we’re so excited to share this with you.

Sending happiness your way,

xx Birgit & Kenna