As we celebrate “International Women’s Day” we reflect on starting a business and how affected we are by the powerful women who have paved the way and supported us through this journey. What started out with a simple glass of chardonnay and girl-chat, turned into a business plan and a wild ride.

I get the pleasure of doing all the writing for the brand (this is Kenna :-) and so I get to sneak in little comments about Birgit when she isn’t looking (or reading). She is not just my business partner and the best footwear designer that I’ve ever worked with, but she is a woman who single-handedly raised two children, ran multi-million dollar businesses, and still finds time to be a woman of substance and a dear friend. I celebrate her today.

And we both (here’s where I can speak for both of us) want to thank all of the women who surround us here at beek and make our brand and business possible. Annette, Natalie, Tevis, Anna, Julie, Angela: we COULD NOT do this without you ladies. Cheers to all the women in this world taking a risk, making a difference, and supporting one another. We think you all rock!