The ancient craft of indigo-dying dates back to 2000 BC, as proven by the existence of it in mummy tombs in Egypt. Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately most indigo these days is synthetic, but thanks to some die-hard loyalists, this ancient craft is now a revered art.

Indigo is a colorfast, plant-based dye primarily found in indigofera, and the process to dye cloth with this natural substance is quite intensive - starting with fermenting the leaves in a steeping vat until completely reduced to remove all the oxygen. the fiber is then introduced to the indigo vat and color is created through oxidization. Darker colors are created by multiple dips which can take up to 30 days. Once dyed, indigo cloth is so colorfast that it can last for centuries (thus the evidence with the mummies!) this is the type of stuff that totally fascinates us (we hope it does you too).

We teamed up with Los Angeles based indigo artist, researcher, and natural medicine practitioner Niki Livingston who has been studying and practicing ancient indigo dying techniques for more than 12 years. We were already pretty obsessed with her cloth creations so we approached her about taking a stab at dying leather- a new medium for her. . . and she, of course, blew us away with what she came back with. Each and every one of these indigo-dyed beek sandals were personally hand-dyed by niki herself. We hope you love them as much as we do. Shop the collection here.