We’re so happy to be featuring one of our favorite buyers (and people!) Meredith Mulligan this month in our BIRDS OF A FEATHER series. She is not only incredibly talented in curating a beautiful collection, she’s also a kick-ass business woman and has insane style. We are in awe. We sat down with her when we were back in New York to pick her brain on fashion, business and travel. Enjoy!

beek: Tell us a brief history of your career path.

MM: My first life in fashion was in editorial – directly out of college I started as an Assistant Editor at Ocean Drive magazine in Miami. It was such an incredible experience for me – I wore so many hats; I wrote two columns, helped to style and produce fashion editorials, you name it, I worked on it. My experience at Ocean Drive taught me how to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment; so when I moved to NY in 2008 (terrible timing for a fashion editor!), I spent time freelance writing and styling before landing an Assistant Merchandiser position at Club Monaco – the transition into the retail side of fashion was exciting and challenging but I was lucky to learn from the best along the way. At Club, I worked on both apparel and accessories categories, but it was my experience launching their footwear collection that began my love affair with this category. I’ve now been with Anthropologie for almost two years and am the Buyer for Women’s Footwear + Legwear.

beek: Where do you get inspiration?

MM: People, places, everywhere! I’m very visual so I am always looking to imagery for inspiration – my team at Anthropologie is always making fun of how many people I follow on Instagram. But there are just so many creative and talented people out there!


beek: What advice do you have for women thinking about changing professions?

MM: You must be eager and know you want it! Be humble. Be ready to start from the bottom, manage samples, get your hands dirty. You will have to prove yourself and your skill set. Soak up as much information as you can, and most importantly, have fun with it.

beek: What current fashion trends are you loving these days?

MM: I have a very distinct personal style and I don’t really follow trends. I lean toward more of a femme boho aesthetic but always have that one piece to ground the look. Most importantly, I dress for myself and wear clothing that inspires confidence.

beek: What is one thing that we can all change in our wardrobes, that makes a huge difference?

MM: Focus on the essentials. Invest in classics. Fast fashion has made it so everyone is a clone of one another – I hope my instincts are right and women are finding the fast fashion trend less relevant and are ready to start investing in niche / one-of-a-kind fashion again.

beek: If you could survive with only 3 fashion clothing brands for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

MM: Ulla Johnson. Isabel Marant, Current / Elliot.

beek: You’ve travelled the world. Please tell us your top three favorite cities for inspiration:

MM: Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York.

beek: What’s one item in your closet that you wouldn’t sell for all the money in the world:

MM: I recently bought two vintage silk print dresses on the streets in India (I love a good boho femme print!). They are riddled with imperfections but it’s these details that make them unique and so valuable to me!

beek: What is your favorite sandal from the new spring beek collection (I know, impossible to pick just one, but lets try :-)?

MM: Skimmer and Lorikeet!

beek: Do you believe in ghosts?

MM: Absolutely.

beek: Are you more chocolate or vanilla?

MM: Chocolate.

beek: Favorite fiction book of all time:

MM: Valley of the Dolls and The Great Gatsby. I re-read them every year.

beek: Favorite rom-com of all time:

MM: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. What’s better than a Kate Hudson / Matthew McConaughey pairing?