We caught up with one of our favorite little birds, Dana Marron, who co-owns Laguna Supply in Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar, California. We won’t date ourselves by saying when we met Dana (a LOOOOOONG time ago) but let’s just say we are long-time friends. If you’ve never been to one of their stores, it’s a MUST. The perfect mix of coastal classic style with a cool-girl vibe. We’re obsessed. Check out our interview with this amazing friend below:


beek: When we met you you were the head of sportswear design for Roxy, Birgit was the head of footwear design and kenna was the marketing director. Now you co-own one of coolest shops (two of them actually!) in Orange County. Tell us about your jump from corporate life with design to owning your own business.

DM: Well, I am totally grateful for both….Roxy was full of such amazing and collaborative women…such a support system. We worked reallllly hard and relied on each other. Roxy gave me the opportunity to travel the world, multi task, and unknowingly helped me become a retailer who can edit a line and choose the best pieces from a collection. It’s also where I learned the love of collaborating with fellow designers… one of my most cherished memories from that time period. Met you two and the rest is history! Laura (the co-owner of Laguna Supply) and I actually first met at Roxy….we both were moms and were ready, after 10 years, to have a bit more freedom and take the show on the road. BEST decision I ever made was to partner up with her! We’ve been lucky; we balance each other out and respect our differences…. we view them as strengths.

beek: Where do you find your inspiration?

DM: I love Paul Smith’s quote…”you can find inspiration in everything.” It is just soooo true! The obvious choices are interiors, typography, modern art, etc.. but I’ve seriously found a complete color story in the grocery store! I also love a good hardware store… texture, color etc… just awesome!

beek: What trends are you loving these days?

DM: I will always be into “girl meets boy” kinda style, and color is always my obsession. I love mixing masculine and feminine color together. Print mixing is also top of my list! Loving colors: rust, blush, army and mustard, and for the first time lavender… who knew? I think that’s why I love beek sooo much, they blend so well with my favorite colors!

beek: What advice do you have for women thinking about starting their own business?

DM: I say just go for it but you need to have very clear vision, passion, and someone that really has your back on the business side. That will give you the freedom to create and build your brand. Make sure you set goals and have a serious strategy on what separates you from others.

beek: What is one thing that we all “HAVE” to have in our closet for Fall?

DM: The beek Lovebird striped slide! Transition dresses from Mara Hoffman and Whit NY… I’m loving sheer socks from Darner, too! I wear them with everything!

beek: If you could survive with only three clothing brands for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

DM: Levis for sure... after that way too many designers I have a love affair with and could never break up.

beek: You’ve travelled the world. Please tell us your top three favorite cities for inspiration:

DM: Tokyo, Paris and love NYC but I have to say…Los Angeles is on point right now; and as I see it is only the beginning. Actually I’ll change my answer to the whole state of California…. I really do “heart” CA.

beek: What’s one item in your closet that you wouldn’t sell for all the money in the world?

DM: My pomme 613 string 18k bracelets.

beek: What is your favorite sandal from the new summer beek collection (I know, impossible to pick just one, but let’s try :-)?

DM: Lorikeet in brown!

beek: Do you believe in ghosts?

DM: Spirits not ghosts…

beek: Are you more chocolate or vanilla?

DM: Vanilla shake / chocolate souffle

beek: Favorite fiction book of all time?

DM: Do blogs count?

beek: Favorite rom-com of all time?

DM: I’m a secret Netflix TV binger….too many to count!

beek: Do you watch the bachelor (cuz its our dirty little secret)?

DM: Nope….see above answer.