So here's our story: We’ve been friends for over fifteen years. For eleven years we worked side-by-side at Roxy, Birgit as the global head of design for footwear and Kenna as the head of marketing, both within the surf lifestyle company Quiksilver. So our worlds intersected often with marketing events, press tours, etc. But it was our common trips to the company restaurant and our love of tuna sandwiches, "have’a" chips, and a slightly unnatural addiction to iced tea that bonded us and from there we grew into tried-and-true friends.

Back in July of 2013, what started as a simple catch-up session over a glass of chardonnay turned into a conversation about sandals and our common love for timeless classic styling. We both love travelling and we wanted a sandal that we could walk in all day long. And get better and better looking! Oh, and while we are at it, can it look feminine AND beautiful? Just because something is comfortable, does it have to be masculine and clunky? We say no! Comfort, meet beauty! And so an idea to start a footwear brand began. This idea quickly caught fire and we had our S-Corp set up within two weeks of that glass of wine (no messin' around for us!). And boy did it go quickly from there!

Truth be told, Birgit has been dreaming about designing these shoes since birth (ok, maybe an exaggeration, but it's been a long time). She knew EXACTLY what she wanted to design and what it would look like


And Kenna has a pair of 20 year old Italian leather sandals that she would possibly sell her kidney for (again, an exaggeration but not a big one, she LOVES them). So, to say the least, we are very passionate about leather footwear and we quickly discovered that we both love the same styles and look. The idea was born, and we got to work.

The story of beek is simple: we want footwear that is timeless, classic and simply beautiful. We believe that beauty CAN be comfortable, and that good quality products get BETTER with age (like we do as women). So we set out to create a collection of shoes that WE want. It's a pretty easy filter. If we don't want to wear it then we don't make it.

And it's been a pretty darn fun adventure so far. We still absolutely adore each other, we still make fun of ourselves and each other CONSTANTLY and we love what we're doing. We hope that comes through in the design, the vibe and the story of beek.